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While stone has been a favored building material for thousands of years, the launch of BOLDStone marks a material breakthrough in traditional stone. By re-using leftover quarry tailings and combining them with flexible water-based polymer binders, BOLDStone has created flexible natural stone. BOLDStone has all the durability, beauty and maintenance-free characteristics of natural stone combined with the benefits of being flexible — it can be shaped, cut, and applied as simply as wallboard. BOLDStone has developed an industry-standard building system of tiles, rolls, panels, trim, shingles, and liquid stone versions for commercial spray, trowel, and roll-on applications. Imagine applying granite siding, a stone entryway, a slate roof, and a stone bathroom to your dream home for one-tenth the cost and in one-third the time. With BOLDStone your home can be your castle!

BOLDStone can be utilized in building applications and markets across commercial, residential, and "Do It Yourself" projects in both new/remodel and interior/exterior construction. BOLDStone is also equally applicable in cold, hot, and humid climates supporting its use in geographic regions across North America.


  • Green Building
    BOLDStone is a Green product and for the first time in 2006, 51% of NAHB builders identified themselves as "green builders". They are looking for new materials.

  • Upscale Materials
    Stone has always enhanced the "curb appeal" of a home or building. BOLDStone, priced at 10 times less than traditional natural stone installations, delivers a client–pleasing upscale "look" and opens up new design choices and market opportunities.

  • New Construction Methods
    High performance building systems using panelized construction, building tiles, rolls, and pre–primed/pre–colored finishes are reshaping the construction process. BOLDStone presents the first high performance "turnkey" building system for stone applications.

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