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Mission Statement

"Our goal is to supply a product which provides innovative solutions with lasting product performance and beauty at the lowest possible prices."

BOLDStone supplies synthetic texturized stucco and specialty coatings for the construction industry. Our goal is to assist clients in their design and construction of beautiful and elegant buildings throughout North America. Our knowledge of our products, combined with our client's designs, enables us to produce an elegant and cost effective texture finish to any building.

Company Profile

In 2005 two entrepreneurs, Fred and Don Ricketts, established BOLDStone in North America. They are experienced and successful businessmen since 1980. As past developers and builders they bring a combined 50 years of hard–earned construction management knowledge and a builder–centered focus to the Company. They have each established and led successful companies from start–up to multi–million dollar businesses.

Our desire is to establish a new building category, flexible stone, to compete with the high cost of natural stone while retaining the beauty of nature.

Though BOLDStone products have been sold in Asia since 1945, BOLDStone is just now being established in the North American market. This means that even though our products are new in North America, our products have been tested over many years overseas. These products have passed ISO 9001–2000 system standards and coincide with China GB Standards, Taiwan CNS and Japan JIS National Industrial Standard, which mean they also pass several ASTM standards here in North America.


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